Jan 04 2020

Anyone Make New Years Resolutions?

Not me. A couple reasons--I don't like to be swayed to make decisions based on culture popularity so if I do make goals, I try to beat everyone by doing them in December. The second reason, my youngest son gave me--he said, "I don't want to wait every 12 months to change something if it needs to be changed. I make resolutions when they need to be made." Love that kid. Good reasoning. So I kinda refuse to be goal oriented in January since it's popular with everyone else.

I will say however, that last year I decided to quit incall and work more on my other business and slowly attritition out. I would like to say it's easy and going faster, but it's not. Part of me will really miss all of the increible people that I've met over the years. It's insane the cool people you come across in this lifestyle, but I suppose that other opportunities will open up. I've met every time of person. Except dentists. Never met a dentist in this business and it became a bit of an obsession once I discovered that. I started asking other girls if they'd ever met a dentist. So far we've come up empty handed and I'm left to wonder why. Another unsolved mystery.

Hopefully my dreams start to unfold this year and I get that book written, create residual income, maybe buy a business, real estate, or win at the slots. Hahahahaha...I'd have to be foolish enough to put my money into a machine. Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone and may this year be your year.