Mar 16 2020

Aye, Corona!

Reposted from my private group. (I post pics and nudes on that site, but am not able to here.)

One of these days I’ll figure out how to do the live feeds. This is my first video and I just thought I would talk for a minute about what’s going on in Vegas. I’m getting ready to go to bed so I look a little washed out. I’ll get better at these. :)

I've been asked how the pandemic is affecting business. I've have several cancellations due to conventions being cancelled. I prefer to live in the "prebook" world as that works better for me to plan ahead--specifically because of kids and work. So many planned appointments have been cancelled, but the "random callers" seem to be up. I don't think we'll fully see the affects of it for at least another two weeks. There are still tournaments in town and if I didn't know better, it seems business as usual. The Strip is still busy, but of course I'm not in every club or hotel. Just an update, so far the following have announced closures:

-Sporting Events
-NFL Draft cancelled and will not be in Vegas
-Jonas Brothers
-Post Malone
-ALL MGM resorts are closing in the next few days (all operations) They will not be accepting any reservation from Tuesday through May 1st.
-MGM Night Clubs and Day Clubs are closed.
-NHL cancelled the league games
-NBA cancelled
-Chateau Nightclub closed yesterday
-Buffets have closed
-Today at 3 the governor issued a mandated closing of all schools including private, public, and charter until April 16th
-The Wynn will be closing for 2 weeks
-Courts are closed for all non-essential cases
-Marquee Nightclub at Cosmo is closed indefinitely

The Palazzo and Venetian have announced that it will be business as usual for them. The Strip clubs are doing well. They're not closing. I guess the rest is yet to be determined. Buckle up everyone! And stay safe.