Dec 29 2018

Bring On The New Year

I am SO glad Christmas is over! December is such a stressful month. My goal this year is to get enough of my business projects off the ground that I don't struggle in December! I love my kids though--we decided as a family to collect items for my best friends charity that works with women who are getting released from jail and need help starting over. We have a tremendous community and gathered way more than I expected. My son said to me Christmas morning--I don't want to get presents anymore; I'd rather help people who don't have anything. THAT was my best Christmas present right there.

I'm sad to say that I'm planning to retire from the business by this time next year. It has been an incredible experience meeting so many exciting and good people who have various reasons for being in the lifestyle. I've truly enjoyed it, but you know, I'll be 49 in 2019...and it's been a good run but I'm going to have to hang up my heels. 

My biggest wish for 2019 is health and happiness for my kids and that a few of my business projects finally take off! I wish you all health and happiness!

Anyone going to be around for the New Year in Vegas? I usually hibernate at home where it's safe!


[email protected]: 2019-01-01 17:40:02
After I find your great visits you are going to leave.. We have to enjoy this year Bob