Nov 25 2018

Christmas 2018

I need a little help this year. I have been working more on my “at home” job this past year, because despite all of the fun, sadly someday I must retire and making an honest living just doesn’t pay as well. I actually kept to a low volume, and seldom take new clients.I have three children (boy/girl twins – 12, and a 10 year old boy.) I usually have them 7 days a week and am fully responsible for them financially as my ex has manages to avoid child support. As anyone with children knows, Mom chauffeuring can be a full-time job so if you’ve had difficulty making appointments with me on short notice, you know why.

I’m would never ask for gift requests for myself, but often am asked if someone may send gifts. Perhaps in lieu of something for me, you may be interested in helping me out with Christmas this year. My greatest joy is their faces on Christmas morning. I’ve asked the kids to create the best wish list they can think of and with the exception of a few electronics, their requests are rather simple. (The dog toys are from my youngest son who asked if his gift budget could be shared with his dog. I am not asking for gifts for the dog!)

Without making a long story out of it, we were moving from an apartment to a house and I asked my ex-husband if we could store all of our things at his house. I thought he was finally being nice. Little did I know that he would use it as blackmail to get me to drop the $700/month. When I refused, he got rid of all of my things. Beds, furniture, keepsakes, TV’s, kitchen items—literally everything. I financed two beds that are on the floor and someone donated a couch. As you can imagine the expenses of re-furnishing will be expensive. He recently quit his job to get away from the child support and I do not know where he is working now to garnish his wages.

My children have been amazing, grateful, and work hard to help me because they know how hard I work. They’re very responsible and get themselves up in the morning without prompting and made a self-imposed rule to have their chores done by 9 p.m. They are just so awesome and grateful kids.

Middle school is the time they begin the tween years. I couldn’t be more grateful that the twins are still kind, loving, and respectful to me. They are leaders among their peers and have not succumbed to troublesome behavior or peer pressure YET. (Fingers crossed.) I am constantly complimented with their personalities, gratitude, and how they also help clean up at functions or parties without being asked. (That came from my Dad who always told us that if someone else is still working you don’t quit until they do.) In fact, a year ago, we volunteered to clean a church and 6 (of 8) adults came to me absolutely floored by their ability to clean and the fact that they never stopped until all of the work was done. They rushed to me after every job was completed and asked for the next assignment. They are always saying thank to advisors, teachers, or party hosts without prompting.

I think their gratitude stems from the three years I could only afford a 695 square foot apartment. They never complained even though we had two beds close enough to jump from one to the other, one tiny closet, and one bathroom. At one time, the only shoes I had for my youngest were mismatched flip flops.

Every year for Christmas since my divorce, six years ago, we started a tradition to do something in honor of my best friend, whose birthday in on Christmas. Yes, she’s still alive and the most compassionate service oriented person I know. I only intended to do it one year as a gift because I couldn’t afford to send her something, but she was so moved by the gift we have continued the tradition. We take pictures and post them on her Facebook page explaining what we did and surprise her. She is thrilled to see Christmas morning what we did for her birthday/Christmas each year. We have volunteered at the blind center, fed the homeless, taken cinnamon rolls to firefighters, made goody bags and randomly took them to people working at fast food places and gas stations with a little note thanking them for working on Christmas.

Anyway, I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking for myself or even asking for handouts, but I’ve done a lot of things I never thought I would do for my kids. I certainly don’t expect them to get everything on their lists; they are just ideas. Even a small gift card would help me choose gifts, supplement what I can afford, or pay for stocking stuffers. They usually get about 5 gifts and have never complained and thank me profusely every year. I don’t really want them to get spoiled, because that’s not really the point of Christmas, so we don’t need everything. They lament over not being able to spend much money on me, but I have loved the handmade gifts and request just a personal letter every year from them. It absolutely fills my heart with joy! I put the letters with our Christmas decorations and love to read every one enjoying more and more how their letters have evolved as their ability to write improves each year.

Thank you to all for your generosity already offered to me. For the presents and gift cards I received for my birthday! I’ve never felt so spoiled. Even a small gift card donation would help as I know everyone has their own Christmas’ to pay for. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Also, if you’d like to pay for a pre-booking, I’d appreciate that as well and at least I’d be able to “work” for the money. Not a problem at all.

Here’s the Amazon wish list link.  I’m embarrassed that it’s so big and we definitely don’t need all of that, I just wanted to give as many options as possible. E-card link is here and I can use that immediately. Amazon gift card link: Email: [email protected] ( I receive these immediately.)

I enjoy the connections and friendships I’ve made. Thank you!

Bob: 2018-12-01 20:53:52
I will try to help you out.