Feb 04 2020

Food is either medicine or poison

Boy have I learned that lesson the hard way. The past six months I have noticed some worrisome decline in my health. I can say that I don’t remember the last time I got sick. I don’t get the flu shot—never have—and I don’t get sick.

However, with my 50th birthday coming this year, I figured this was just a sign of old age, but things got worse and worse so a few weeks ago, I went to the doctor who recommended a series of blood tests so we would know for sure what was going on. I got my results on Friday, but not before all of the symptoms had gotten much worse.

Anytime I would eat or drink, my stomach would expand to the point beyond my belly at 9 months pregnant with my twins! And it would hurt! I would take several hours of pain waiting for it to stop. But, If I didn’t eat anything bad, I’d be fine. The results showed obscene amounts of inflammation in my body, as well as high cholesterol and low hormone, low Vitamin D, and B12.

So, on Saturday, I realized I had two choices: continue to eat unhealthy and suffer the painful bouts of inflammation or I could go cold turkey and cut out everything. I decided to go healthy. I mean, How bad could it be?

Well, here we are on day 4...I’m crawling out of the den of death I’ve been living in. This detox stuff is real. I’ve never been sicker in my life! But I’ve heard that when you get to the other side, things are miraculous! I certainly hope so and I’m never going back. So I’ve been laying low for a bit, but should get back in the swing of things soon. I already feel better even though I’m still sick. My mind fog is gone. I’m looking forward to continued improvement with my health and being in the best health ever by the time I turn 50 in October. 

I wish I could post pics on this blog...I’ll put them on the my page. Me with my high fever and near death. I am not dramatic at all. (Or sarcastic.)