Dec 11 2019

Happy Holidays and Thank You

End of the year and 2020 is right around the corner! Thank you everyone for all of the help throughout the year. Your meetings with me, make it possible to take care of my kids and to have a flexible schedule to meet their needs. Decemember is always a slow time of year, but I'm grateful for the help you provide. If you're in town, look me up--I'm still working on Christmas.

In other News:

--TER is accessible to US residents again, you just have to go through a VPN outside of the United States. In other words, log on through an IP address that is not US based and you can get back on. Use "" if you don't already know how to login in with a different IP


--I'm making friends in the industry. I know three girls that I can vouch for if your interested.  1: Lacy. Mature, BBW. 2: Sunny. Mature, Blond, Thick/curvy. 3: Sophie. Gorgeous, exotic, 21 yo. 

We're scheduled to take some professional photos at Southpoint this evening, so look for new photos on their links. 

--I'm slowly getting my "member" pictures visible since this site does not offer the Premium package services anymore--another non-US site that the government has run off.

I'm sure it'll be January before we know. Enjoy those who mean the most to you this holiday season. Merry Christmas!