Oct 09 2019

How are rates determined?

The simplest answer is economics: supply and demand. Obviously, each independent escort can set her own rates, but you may be wondering why someone is higher priced than another woman. There are several reasons.

1. Experience. A seasoned escort who maintains high client retention will create regulars who see her every time they are in town or on a regular basis (hence "regulars" haha) if they live in town. So, a woman who is sought after and who provides a great experience will easily develop a clientele and with a solid base, does not need to search for new clients to meet her financial goals. If you are new, then expect her most recent highest price because likely, she has already reserved time for clients that she a) has experience with and b) knows they're going to show up. (New clients flaking is a whole other post.)

2. Niche. The most expensive escorts are typically younger, perfect bodied twenty somethings, simply because they are in demand by wealthy gentleman who are looking for more than a one hour experience and want someone to accompany them to dinners, meetings, or trips. Or there is the guy who has always fantastized about being with a model. Basically, someone will pay $600 and hour so they get it. If someone is willing to pay...why lower the price?

But as we all know, different strokes for different folks. I'm middle-aged, overweight or "rubenesque" as one of my ATF's says, yet there is a big niche for mature and sexy and I've got that covered. So supply and demand in my niche is different than someone elses, but your prices are based on how much you need and how much you can easily get.

3. Availability. A woman who is low-volume may charge more because she doesn't need to meet with as many clients as someone who is trying to make more money or has more time. Basically, she has to say no to someone, and pricing is the easiest way to slow down the flow of potential clients. Conversely, someone who has a lot of financial needs or would like to work as much as possible may lower their price to attract as many clients as they can. 

Often I've been asked, "Are you worth that much?" (new clients of course), and I say, "to me, no, but to someone, yes I am." It has nothing to do with "are you worth it", the question is better answered that there are "enough" people who are willing to donate to my finances to spend a certain amount of time with me and to them, it is worth it. 

Everyone's expectations and budget are different, so fortunately there are all kinds of companions available with a variety of rates and services. So, you can absolutely find the right girl and the one who is worth it to you, which is what matters.

Sometimes I receive a counter offer to my donation request and I usually decline, not because what they are offering isn't enough, it's just that on that particular day I have to say no to someone and if I'm going to spend the same amount of effort, getting ready, driving, securing a babysitter, paying for parking, and spending an hour with someone I, just as anyone, would be foolish to take less for my time. It's never anything personal, I'm just doing what I need to do to meet my primary objective which is to take care of my kids.

Hopefully this gives you someone insight to my rates as well as when you're looking elsewhere, here in Vegas, at home, or traveling. With that said, there are some who negotiate price and who will take less or do take less, it's very individual. You just have to find what works for you.

sweetromantic: 2020-01-12 06:21:51
I have always said it is not how much a lady is worth, it is what a guy is willing to pay for them. Too many ladies in the Minneapolis have risen their rates to try to "keep up" with friends or other girls they know, but will lower them back down when the business stops coming. It is all very interesting.