Feb 11 2020

I'm Alive...

To be clear, I am doing well and my health is great--the detox was just a bit of an adventure for me. I've received texts and emails from well-wishers and really appreciate it. I think I just made it sound worse than it was. Fortunately, it was a "self-induced" health problem from drinking too much soda and not eating well. All fixable! I've lost 8 lbs so far, which is exciting. My belly can handle some lost weight. The boobs are still there--not to worry. I am getting a routine colonoscopy and endoscopy on Thursday! Should be painless. They put you under for it.

Meanwhile....I've been having fun with the Onlyfans page. It's kind of like a private Facebook. When you sign up, you are anonymous, so you can like or comment. It's all private. I started "Titty Tuesday" last week and post nude boob pics on Tuesday since you all love those boobs so much. I would never post online for public access, but I feel much more comfortable in a private group. I haven't started making videos yet, but certainly considering it. I can't post pictures on this site either, so I find that I am more active on the Onlyfans page. Hope to see you there.