Apr 24 2019

Massage Republic Shutdown

Another one bites the dust. As most decent people are, I am opposed to human trafficking and do not believe in forcing women and children into sexual slavery. I actually help with a group that fights this. However, that is not the case for many of the women here in Vegas that I know. For me, it gives me a way to supplement my income which goes directly to helping support my kids. I do it of my own free will and volitation and as far as jobs go, it's not a bad gig! 

Unfortunately, the crack down from the government has made things worse for escorts. We have lost sites like TER that provided some security in the fact that clients provided verification to join. We also had a much better clientele who valued our services and did not try to negotiate for lower rates like you are a commodity in a Mexico flea market. In fact, oftentimes I was overpaid by generous clients. We received promote and courteous communication with a very low amount of no shows. Now the riff raff from Craigslist and other dollar store sites and migrated into the market and I find myself dealing with many more people who don't show up, are perverse in their conversations, or try to haggle for as little as $50 or ask for car dates. (ewe).

It was announced on Massage Republic on April 22nd that due to the continued difficulties of operating in the United State with the new laws, they will no longer provide a United States site the first part of May. One of the last standing sites is P411. They put their site on lockdown when the big sites first started getting shut down closing their doors to new member and new providers in attempt to keep it a private site. Recently, they decided to accept new clients, but the client must be someone a provider has seen and they need an invitation from the provider. If anyone is interested in being added and I have seen you, please contact me and I will extend an invitation.

Also, if you have found some reputable sites, please share them and I will pass them on to my friends. The business is in too high of demand to stop the process entirely and I'm sure something else will pop up. Good luck to all, and be safe.

[email protected]: 2019-04-26 17:12:27
Try erotic monkey it's ok and there is Eros as well