Feb 01 2020

My New OnlyFans Page

There is a buzz about website that can host private photos and I keep hearing about it in the industry as well as from clients who have mentioned I should do it. So, I'm doing it! All of you who wanted to see those salacious nudes in the "Member Only" section can now see it all. Which, by the way, I never posted in nipple pictures or fully nude photos on my site, but I sure do have a lot of them on my phone. I like taking pictures of myself.

Anyway, I just started it but there are Nip pics, butt pics, photoshoot pics...and I'm not sure what else you all would like to see. I am open to doing videos. What would you like to see? Comment here of email me. I'm open.

The app gives you unlimited to posts. You can message within it the app as well and I can post videos too. There's an Amazon wish list--which I just put a bunch of stuff on. But I'd be happy to wear, video, or play with any of the stuff if someone sends it to me!

silvervortex69: 2020-02-01 21:20:52
LIv do i have to pay on that site or is it free Kim