Apr 23 2019

People Matter Most

My mom had a heart attack a few months ago, and we are still uncertain of her fate. Last Thanksgiving she had all ten of her children home and desperately wanted to get a picture of everyone together. One of my sisters was feuding with some other siblings and refused to go. Facing her the end of her mortality has given us pause to consider our relationships with each other. The ones that were fighting (with the exception of the stubborn sister) made ammends and realized it was over petty things. I can honestly say I have the least amount of disagreements wtih my siblings.

I was struggling with finances when my mom was in the hospital and not able to go see her. I did get to see her over Easter weekend while she was again admitted to the hospital. She's too weak for open heart surgery, but needs it. As I walked into the hospital room, I fought back tears. I'd never seen her so weak and she had lost a lot of weight from not being able to eat and having to be on a strict diet when she did eat. I waited to cry after I left. I felt good knowing that every time I've said goodbye to my parents I hugged and kissed them and said, "I love you." I am at peace knowing I have no regrets.

Many clients I see struggle with quality relationships which is why they venture into this lifestyle. Or, they have worked hard in their career and lost relationship and family along the way. I wonder when I go, what the sum of my life will be. The only thing I have hoped for is to be a good mother and raise my children to be successful. The only thing you leave behind is family and loved ones.

As ironic as it may be, I've had the opportunity to help marriages. Odd isn't? But if this is you, you know what I mean. Most men love their wives dearly and this is just a need that is not fulfilled when they desperately need physical interaction and intimacy. Some, feel guilt and often overlook some of their wives bad habits like overspending. But, when they consider the amount they spend on this hobby, they tend to be less critical. Also, not resenting their significant other for lack of physical intimacy gives them the opportunity to work on other areas. 

Be good to the people in your life. We don't live forever and we will be remembered not for what we did in life, but how we made people feel when we were around them. It's cliche, but life is short. Don't leave the house mad or go to bed angry. I've learned it doesn't take much to make men happy. They are simple in their wants and needs. Sometimes women aren't so hard either. Learn their love language and do a little extra. Sometimes it's hard when you don't get it back, but you can at least know you tried. 


pd1949: 2019-04-26 13:11:16
Well said. I hope she is doing better.
pd1949: 2019-04-26 19:48:17
Well said. Hope your Mom is doing better.