Feb 20 2020

Spring is here

I am loving the weather in Las Vegas lately. It's still low 70's, but great to go out. Took the kids to AdventureDome for the Monday holiday. They only lasted half a day, but I think that could possibly be because it was slow enough there was never any waiting at any of the rides. And, of course the little teens wanted to go hang out with their friends. The days of Mom being the coolest are winding down, but it's good to see them grow. I have AMAZING kids.
Next month is another 3-day weekend, then Easter in April (out of school for ten days and we'll probably visit family), then only a few more weeks into May and....VOILA! I will have two kids starting high school! Bittersweet for sure. I took them out for ice cream last night and instead of going in they all voted for the drive-thru. I did make everyone sit around the table at home and talk for awhile. I'm just hanging on to every moment before they are completely independent. I love every minute of it.