Jul 30 2019

Where does the time go? Holy Hot summer

Holy hot Summer! Where has the time gone. School starts back up in less than a month. We’ve been able to see family and the kids have been traveling a lot thanks to family that like hosting them for a bit at a time. They get to stay with their grandpa in Hawaii for the first part of August. He offered to fly me out, but I don’t want to miss any work so I can save up for back-to-school stuff for the kids. HOWEVER, if anyone is in Hawaii and would like to see me, I would love to come! UPDATE: We can't get out there before school. I relaly want to go, but hate missing any work here. If anyone in Hawaii would like to see me, please let me know!Then I can come!

If you’ve followed my blog, you know I mentioned I was retiring. I’m not planning to do it cold turkey, just one step at a time. The first step was to quit the incall and that happened just this past week. The lease was up and I did not renew it. It was quit expensive and frankly, incall people are a bit flaky. If you showed up after making an appointment, then I’m not talking to you. But, to the other 90 percent…you know who you are.

I started this out of desperation to support my three kids, with a lot of effort going into work I could do from home because I needed to support the kids on my own. But, naturally, it’s not something I want to retire doing. Please stay in touch, I’m not done yet! And if you're in town, call me! Summer is so slow. Can't wait to pick up in the fall again and catch up on bills.

silvervortex69: 2019-08-13 19:22:57
I enjoyed our time back in june the weekend with you and the concert too and going to the mob things was fun and hope i can still see you Liv you are so wonderful to be with xoxo K